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Mission and History

The Mission Statement of Lutheran Church of the Foothills is:

“Together we celebrate New Life in Christ as we seek to love God with our whole being, and love our neighbors as ourselves.”

This statement is supported by four keywords:  Worship . . . Serve . . . Nurture . . . Grow.  Much of what we do is supported by these themes as we carry them into our daily life, and begin to see them not as something that is only done on Sunday morning. In our unique calling and vocation we indeed worship God, serve God’s people, nurture one another, and grow as a follower of Christ, our Lord.

The term we use for active participants in our community of faith is not members, but rather “servants.” We view this as an important distinction as it describes who we are at the heart of our faith, and our belief that when we serve those in need we are serving Christ. Numerous opportunities for service are available to us, and central to life at Lutheran Church of the Foothills.  This is reflected in our Vision Statement: “We are a community rooted in Christ striving to grow in faith, in love for all, in service to our community and world.”

As a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we are part of the Grand Canyon Synod. The office of our synod is located in Phoenix, Arizona. We give thanks for their partnership and constant support.

In 2006 Lutheran Church of the Foothills became a “Reconciling In Christ” congregation in partnership with Lutheran Concerned, North America as it seeks to underscore its welcome to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.