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Frequent Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions you may have as a newcomer to Lutheran Church of the Foothills.  If there is something you are curious about that you do not see addressed below, please send an email to

Should I sign my name in the sign-in sheets during the service?

Should I enter my name in the Friendship Notebook during the service? Yes, please do!  If you enter your name in the Friendship Notebook, those worshiping around you can greet you by name.  Likewise, if you leave information such as your name and email address, someone will contact you with a greeting and an invitation to take part in the church’s ministry and come back for worship.  Of course, we will respect your desire to remain anonymous if that’s more comfortable for you.

Are there adult and youth learning opportunities during the Sunday morning worship hours and other times?

Are there adult and youth learning opportunities on Sunday mornings and at other times? There are occasional [frequent??] Sunday morning adult educational opportunities on a wide variety of subjects and Biblical themes. In addition, several small groups meet throughout the week, and other seasonal learning opportunities are offered throughout the year. Information about upcoming learning opportunities is published in our “Weekly Footnotes” newsletter and posted on the calendar. ??NEED LINKS TO NEWSLETTER AND CALENDAR PAGES?? Calendar Page

Is Sunday School offered for children?

What is offered for children on Sunday mornings? We encourage children to partake in our worship services. A “Kid’s Korner” is provided in the worship area for families with infants and small children who wish to use it. During worship children are invited forward to participate in a Children’s Message, and occasionally are invited to accompany a song with rhythm instruments.

How do I learn about Baptism, Marriage or Funeral services the church can facilitate?

How do I learn about Baptism, Marriage or Funeral services the church offers? Information about these Special Services is under the “Worship” section on the blue bar, or click on one of these links: Baptism, Marriage, Funerals/Memorial Services .

How do I find the church?

We are located in the northern part of the greater Tucson area. If you are not familiar with Tucson the main thing to keep in mind is that we don’t have freeways. Fortunately, Sunday mornings are very light when it comes to traffic so you shouldn’t have to worry about congestion. We are at 5102 North Craycroft Road, on the southeast corner at the light between Sunrise Drive and River Road; our driveway is off  East Territory Drive. For the easiest driving directions, we recommend you click on our Contact Us page [LINK NEEDED] or use your GPS or one of the following online map providers:




Do I have to be a member of LCF to participate in the programs offered? 

Do I have to be an “official” participant at LCF to participate in the programs offered? As a guest or visitor, you are welcome to participate in nearly any program or ministry available at Lutheran Church of the Foothills. In cases where there is direct contact with children and youth, a Child Protection Policy at Lutheran Church of the Foothills must be followed.  But in general, you are encouraged to take part in pretty much any and all events that look interesting to you.  Being a part of a small group, class, service opportunity, or other ministry will provide you a rewarding experience beyond the standard worship services.  Click here to learn about ongoing servant and community involvement opportunities, or click here to read about current opportunities for service in our weekly newsletter. ??1st LINK SHOULD GO TO MINISTRY PARTNERS PAGE; 2nd LINK SHOULD GO TO DOWNLOAD NEWSLETTER PAGE–YES??

How do I join a small group at LCF?

Please connect directly with the small group leader or call the church office at (520) 299-5631 if you have questions or seek contact information for a small group.

How does LCF offer communion?

Among the greatest gifts our Lord left to us are the Means of Grace. Christians in the Lutheran tradition call these special acts Baptism and Holy Communion. In these acts God’s blessings are conveyed to us in visible means.

Holy Communion is celebrated at each Sunday service at Lutheran Church of the Foothills. We practice an open communion policy, believing that our Lord’s invitation in this supper is meant for all people. Two communing methods are used — Communion by common cup and Communion by “intinction,” dipping the bread or wafer of bread into a chalice of wine, thus receiving the bread and wine together.

Families with young children who have not yet received First Communion are invited to participate in a First Communion Gathering. More information about First Communion can be found by clicking HERE

May I partake in communion even though I am not Lutheran?

Yes, you are welcome! Our understanding is that the Lord’s Table is not ours, or our denomination’s, to share–it truly is our Lord’s Table, and all are welcome. We practice an open communion policy believing that our Lord’s invitation in this supper is meant for all people.

How do I become a member of LCF??

How do I become part of the LCF community?


  1. Attend worship services regularly at Lutheran Church of the Foothills for the next several weeks and familiarize yourself with our mission and vision to help you make your decision. You are strongly encouraged to be involved in some aspect of LCF’s ministry to help you gain insight into the community.
  2. Through prayer and conversation, make a decision based on God’s guidance and your thoughtful discernment. Becoming a member of a church is a very important decision and commitment.
  3. Attend a New Servant Gathering which is typically held once every quarter. You will be able to connect with others in your same situation and learn more about the Christian faith, and the Lutheran tradition of Lutheran Church of the Foothills.
  4. Continue your journey of discipleship and membership by choosing to be involved in some of the various opportunities for service, spiritual growth, and faith community connection. Such involvement will help you experience the many joys of life in Christ as well as sharing your gifts with the community.

For more information on joining Lutheran Church of the Foothills and/or baptism, please email pastor@foothillslutheran.org